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Investment Overview

A Track Record Of Performance
Together with our related firm, James Investment Research, Inc., James has been successfully managing client portfolios since 1975.  The client base includes corporations, foundations, hospitals, financial institutions, and private investors. James is committed to an investment philosophy which focuses on a single objective: to grow our clients' assets while stressing the preservation of principal and the reduction of risk. 

James Investment Research (our related firm) provides investment advise to James Capital Alliance, and JCA also purchases research from JIR. 

More Investment Choices Add Value
In order to meet the growth and diversification needs of investors, James Capital Alliance offers a range of investment styles. We understand that clients have different needs and risk tolerances, and this is why we've created more than one investment style choice. By utilizing these styles either independently or in a customized blend, we can help people reach their financial goals.

Our Stock Selection Process - A Multi-factor Approach                                                                  At James we manage our clients' portfolios with resources nobody else has. The JIR research team has validated every step in our top-down approach to stock selection. Just as with the management of balanced portfolios, JIR begins by assessing market risk indicators to identify which sectors of the equity market are likely to outperform. Then the sector analysts go to work using fundamental and technical analysis to search for top equity prospects. Only after final approval by the JIR Investment Committee can a stock be added to the firm's "buy" list.

The JIR proprietary stock ranking model is a tremendous tool in the firms equity research process. For over a decade it has been providing impressive discrimination between potential winners and losers in the stock market. JIR's database allows them to track and sift through over 9,000 stocks, identifying those that meet their specific investment criteria.

JIR reviews over 200 factors on a given company. James' portfolio allocation represents a strategic blend of equities, fixed income in balanced accounts, and cash equivalents.  The ongoing allocation is determined by our appraisal of the overall risk level in the equity markets.  Portfolios typically carry a blend of large, mid, and small capitalization stocks, with allocations weighted towards the sectors representing the most opportunities.

JIR's research has proven the sell decision is often more important than the buy decision. Therefore, if a stock has deteriorated in ranking, relative strength, or if one of our senior analysts detects a problem with the stock, it is immediately reviewed by the JIR investment committee. If the committee makes the decision to sell, the actual sale is methodical. Stock positions are tracked daily with an attempt to sell into a rally when possible.

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