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Investment Process - Research
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At its broadest terms the research done by James Investment Research  is  geared with two major aims,  to identify the risk levels of the stock and bond markets and then to choose the best available securities.

Each year a major effort is placed on discerning the long-term path of the economy, stocks, bonds, and international markets. This gives us guidance in determining whether markets are giving us opportunities to buy or sell or whether a recent movement in the market is simply fool’s gold.

The risk levels of the market are assessed every weekend with the help of JIR's validated market risk indicators. Presently, JIR has over 100 separate market risk indicators. Each indicator is classified as favorable, neutral, or unfavorable. While no single indicator is deemed to be perfect, it is normal for the summation of the indicators to provide guidance for the future.

Likewise, JIR is also concerned about individual stock selection. The firm continues to develop, research, and test our stock selection model. This quantitative model is used to provide guidance on an individual stock’s potential. JIR has found that this model recognizes attractive buy candidates.  Perhaps its best value is found in our sell discipline. If a stock ranks poorly in our model, the security will be reviewed by the investment committee for possible sale.

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