Why Invest With James? 
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 Disciplined Repeatable Process
 Not a Closet, or Enhanced Index
 Our Stock Selection Adds Value
 A Veteran Team
 Truly Independent

Investment Process
Research |  Quantitative Inputs |  Equity Buy Guidelines |  Equity Sell Guidelines
Weekly Market Risk Reports
  • Report Prepared Each Weekend For Over 30 Years
  • Developed Over 100 Proprietary Stock And Bond Market Risk Indicators
  • Strive To Look Beyond The “Wisdom Of Wall Street”
  • Revalidate All Indicators Every Other Year
The James Proprietary Ranking System
  • 20 Year, Time Tested System Looking at 415 Separate Data Items
  • Ranks Stocks On Relative Attractiveness
  • Scale From 1 to 100, 1 Equals The Best Expected Bargain
  • Review Results Monthly
Continuing Research
  • Revalidate Model Every Two Years
  • Review Monthly Model Performance
  • Compare Growth Versus Value
  • Sector Performance
  • Review Market Capitalizations
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