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How we work with your Financial Advisor
James Capital Alliance
  • Balanced and Equity portfolio management
  • Seminars, office visits, conference calls
  • Tax selling for taxable accounts
  • Individual portfolio management
  • Quarterly market comments
Financial Advisor
  • One "all-inclusive fee"
  • Trade execution
  • Safe keeping of assets
  • Monthly statement
  • Quarterly performance report
  • Review of investment goals and objectives
Professional money management is an ongoing process.
Your goals and objectives are the foundation of this process. Financial Advisors are structuring a plan to satisfy your goals and objectives. Equally important, they will continue to review and change this plan with you as events in your life change.

James Capital Alliance's role is to make allocation decisions as well as buy/sell decisions on stocks and bonds. These decisions are then conveyed to, and executed through, Financial Advisors.
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