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Welcome to James!

James Capital Alliance, Inc. (JCA), a Registered Investment Advisor, is a related firm of James Investment Research (JIR).  JIR was founded in 1972 by Dr. Francis E. James, Jr., Ph.D.  James is located in Alpha, Ohio (just east of Dayton, Ohio).
James Capital Alliance offers wrap fee accounts.

James prides itself on its own research. The JIR proprietary model is a quantitative tool which uses over two hundred factors to screen and analyze a database of over 9000 stocks.

The factors are generally value type factors, such as PE ratios, but relative strength and earnings momentum are also important. JIR's management encourages a creative approach to analysis, but a strict adherence to company standards and policies is required.

The Mission 

Our team of professionals is committed to providing clients with peace of mind through time-proven research, premier service and consistently superior investment performance.

We are dedicated to supporting and respecting one another and our community, which we believe will provide the rewards of continued growth and shared profitability.

James Capital Alliance purchases research from James Investment Research.  JIR also provides investment advice to JCA. 

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